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W-Beam Guardrail Effectively Makes the Highway Safer

W-beam guardrail is a kind of road crash barrier used for securing highway safety by preventing errant vehicles from sliding out of the roads and impacting the roadside buildings or other objects. So it is most commonly fixed on the side of the highways, dock areas, aisles, especially on curves and slopes for protection against run-off-road collisions.

Our W-beam guardrail product is formed in accordance with the latest highway safety barrier technology for making sure its high durability and maximum strength. It is made of high quality steel, which reduces the impact force caused by mobile equipment to the maximum extent. Meanwhile, the zinc coating or PVC coating perfectly combined to the W-beam guardrail keeps the products free of damages of corrosion and rust.


a highway guardrail formed of green PVC coated W-beam guardrails

W-beam guardrails used for highway guardrails.

W-beam guardrails we supply:

To meet the needs our customers, we supply straight and pre-curved W-beam guardrail products. Generally, straight W-beam guardrail just can be applied to the curves with a radius greater than 45m by being lined up for transitioning smoothly. For the radius less than 45m, the pre-curved W-beam guardrail product exploits its advantages to a full.

Straight W-beam guardrails

a bundle of straight galvanized W-beam guardrails

Straight galvanized W-beam guardrails

bundles of straight green PVC coated W-beam guardrails

Straight PVC coated W-beam guardrails

Pre-curved W-beam guardrails:

The beam guardrails can be curved either convex or concave in various degree angles for different application. It is normally curved with a radius from 1.5m to 50m which refers to the traffic face of the road.

highway guardrails formed of convex and concave curved W-beam guardrails

Convex and concave curved W-beam guardrails

curved galvanized W-beam guardrails placed on the ground

Curved W-beam guardrails



W-beam Length 4100-4400mm
Wave width 300-600mm
Wave height 50-100mm
Thickness 2-6mm
Zinc coating Weight More than 500g/m2
Thickness More than 70μm
Notes: Custom length, width, height and thickness are available as your requirements.

Curved W-beam guardrail details

ichnography of the shape and size of curved W-beam guardrails

Radius (Feet) H/ Rise (Inches) Radius (Feet) H/ Rise (Inches)
5 (1.5m) 41 55 (16.8m) 4 1/4
6 (1.8m) 36 60 (18.3m) 4
8 (2.4m) 28 65 (19.8m) 3 5/8
9 (2.7m) 26 70 (21.3m) 3 3/8
10 (3.1m) 22 75 (22.9m) 3 1/4
12 (3.7m) 20 80 (24.4m) 3
13 (4m) 18 85 (25.9m) 2 3/4
15 (4.6m) 16 90 (27.4m) 2 5/8
16 (4.9m) 14 95 (29m) 2 1/2
20 (6.1m) 11 5/8 100 (30.5m) 2 3/8
25 (7.6m) 9 1/2 110 (33.5m) 2 1/8
30 (9.1m) 7 3/4 120 (36.6m) 2
35 (10.7m) 6 3/4 130 (39.6m) 1 3/4
40 (12.2m) 6 140 (42.7m) 1 5/8
45 (13.7m) 5 1/4 150 (45.7m) 4 1/2
50 (15.2m) 4 5/8

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