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The Best Way of Holding Cable Barriers

galvanized cable brackets used to fix four cables.

Cable barrier end, tested by the crash of pickup truck successfully, are proved to be an effective re-directive terminal end. When being installed correctly, it helps the cable barrier to hinder the uncontrolled vehicles running off the road effectively.

We supply two kinds of cable terminal ends according to surface coating: galvanized or PVC coated, which makes it anti-rust and free of damages of corrosion. When it comes to the way to fix cable barrier, we can provide the following two methods for you.

Method one:

Using a special engineered terminal bracket for holding three or four cables is easy and convenient. Meanwhile, the bracket will be fixed to the ground firmly by anchors.

Method two:

Through the cable fitting we supply to fasten the rope directly to the barrier post. It is convenient for you to fix cable barrier regardless the amount of the ropes in addition.

type A terminal end for W beam guardrails

Galvanized cable fitting used to connect ropes to the post.

PVC coated cable fitting used to fix ropes

PVC coated cable fittings used to connect ropes to post.


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