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Low Cost Cable Barrier- Best Choice for Open Scenic Area

A cable barrier, also known as cable guardrail, wire rope safety barrier, is the mainly type of flexible highway fences for keeping vehicles within the limits of correct way. Three or four high tensile wire ropes, mounted on the post, will absorb the maximum energy by flexing to cushion the unavoidable impact. Compare to other steel highway guardrail, this one is relatively cheaper and easy to install with a high effectiveness of redirection of errant vehicles when it is installed in a right way.

a roadway barrier is formed of galvanized cables and posts

Cable barrier


Details about cables:

The barriers are manufactured with 3×7 high tensile steel cables. Meanwhile the wire ropes are galvanized for keeping the cable free of corrosion and rusting.

end of a galvanized steel cable

End of cable

sectional drawing of steel cable

Cross section of cable

a coil of galvanized cable

Cable specification
Material High tensile steel
Surface: Hot dipped galvanized
Diameter 15-30mm
Construction 3×7
Zinc coating thickness More than 100 g/m2 as your requirements

How to install cable barrier?

Cable number:

During installation, determine the number of cables according to different applications firstly. Three of four cables are commonly used. Generally, more cables, the higher ability to redirect the errant vehicles.

Space distance:

The barrier post often installed with spacing from 6.3 to 32.6 ft. The thing you must to chew on is that longer spacing normally means the higher deflection distance.


Cables are fixed on the post and tightened to specific tension in accordance with the local temperature and environment. After tensioning, the reflection will be reduces and the ability to preventing vehicles from skidding off the road can be enhanced. Normally the tensions values range approximately from 2,000lb to 9,000lb.

five cables fixed on the green PVC coated post by bracket

Five-cable barrier

three cables fixed on the galvanized post

Three-cable barrier

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