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Box Beam Guardrail- Best Choice for Beautiful Surroundings

Box beam guardrail, a kind of highway barrier, is not as common as traditional W beam or thrie beam guardrails, but it caters the need of appreciation of the beauty and is widely used not only on highways, but also in parks, picturesque bridges, etc.

The same as W-beam guardrails, it is made of high quality steel and plated with superior zinc coating or coated with PVC coating. Thereby, it is anti-rust and durable enough to endure the impact force. Additionally, there is no need of paying much money on the maintenance of the box beam guardrail, which makes it cost effectively in the long run.

galvanized box beam guardrails used on a bridges

Box beam guardrails can be used on bridges.


The box beam guardrails we supply:

According to the shape of the box beam guardrail, we can divide them into two types: square and rectangular. Meanwhile, we can also provide open box beam guardrail depends on your requirements.

galvanized square box beam guardrails

Square box beam guardrails

green PVC coated rectangular box beam guardrails

Rectangular box beam guardrails

galvanized open box beam guardrails



box-beam Length 4100-4400mmor as your requirements
Cross section 3inches-10inches
Thickness 2-6mm
Zinc coating Weight More than 500g/m2
Thickness More than 70μm as your requirements
Notes: Custom length, shapes and thickness are available as your requirements.
orange PVC coated box beam guardrails

Box beam guardrails (three layers).

green PVC coated box beam guardrails

Box beam guardrails (four layers).

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