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Crash Cushions - Loyal Protector of Tollbooths

a yellow crush cushion connecting to thrie beam guardrails installed in the middle of the road

Yellow painted crash cushion

Crash cushion, a visual and physical passive cushion, provides buffer function to reduce to damage to the vehicle and its driver. Meanwhile, it acts as a direction corrector for redirecting the car by changing the car's exit angles and avoiding the car traversing the median of the road.

After being strictly tested, it is proved to meet the requirements of NCHRP 350, Test Levels 2 and 3. And it is perfect of hazard applications, such as highway roll station, road junctions, etc.

To avoid crash happening, the crash cushions are often painted yellow as warning color. Additionally, it also notices driver to slow their cars down.

The crash cushions we supply:

a galvanized crash cushion

Normal shape crash cushion

a fishtail shape galvanized crash cushion

Fishtail shape crash cushion


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