thrie beam guard we supply used to secure highway safety.

Thrie beam guardrail can provide superior protection to errant vehicles against going off the road.

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warn color painted guardrail terminal ends used at the end of W beam guardrails

Guardrail terminal end with warn color painting are dedicated to attracting driver attention, avoiding and cushioning impact.

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Highway Guardrails are Essential to Highway Safety

Highway guardrail, considered as a passive barrier, is widely installed to keep the vehicles running inside of road. When inevitable collision occurred, highway guardrails can effectively decelerate the speed of errant vehicles and redirect them back to the road by controlling the exit angles. Additionally, it also makes the highway apparent to avoid running animals to stray into the roads.

What kind of highway guardrails can we supply?

We are a professional manufacturer engaged in highway guardrails since 2000. We supply a variety of highway guardrails which can be used in different applications.

According to the shapes of our products, they can be divided into four main types as shown in the right pictures:

Meanwhile, the beam guardrails can be curved in convex or concave shape for application of road corners which straight guardrails are unbefitting.

According to the surface finish, the highway guardrail can be classified into two types: galvanized or PVC coated highway guardrail. The zinc or PVC coating makes the products anti-rust, anti-corrosion and efficiently reduces damages from severe weather. Additionally, the high quality surface treatment also extends the service life of our product due to its anti-ultraviolet and anti-aging traits.

Additionally, we also provide highway guardrail terminal ends, cable barrier end, crash cushion, guardrail post and other accessories including caps, bolts, nuts and offset blocks, etc.

four kinds of highway guardrail includes W, thrie and box beam guardrail and cable barrier

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